Sunday, July 3, 2011

Floor Plans

We've finally started renovations. And by renovations, I mean sanding and painting everything. We were trying to decide which should come first - painting the walls, or sanding and painting the furniture.

Seeing as space is VERY limited (hence the name of the blog), we have had to change the entire spare room into a 'workshop' and hope that the neighbours below are out when we use the sander, which is hooked to our very noisy vacuum. We took all of the furniture and junk out of the room (guess what's in our living room now? *sigh*) and now it looks like we are sanding everything first.

Oh and we put our shower curtain (due for replacement) over the door, because we removed the door to the spare room the day we moved into the place. When it was going to be a dining room, we wanted the space to flow from the kitchen to the dining table, so the door is now in storage. We've since seen some awesome apartments in this building who have removed the wall completely between the living and spare room to open up the space.

On that note, I think I need to share with you the layout of our 660sq. foot apartment. This isn't exactly true to form, because I recently noticed that the front door is inset a bit, so the hallway is a tad shorter.... buuuttt... you get the idea.

And the furniture in this model is now different too. The BBQ is still on our wish list and we bought a patio dining set (2 tables and a chair from Ikea) instead of the bench.
And the white built-in cabinets along the wall of the dining room is now turning into a desk and will come out a tad further. Not sure what to do with our dining table as the room will no longer be fit for a dinner party. On the up side, we could put in a daybed under the window to optimize the space as a guest room.

Decisions, decisions...

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