Sunday, July 24, 2011

Multipurpose Space

Wow what a day...
Since we decided to change the spare room into a home office, instead of a dining room, we have had to return 4 Billy Bookcases + add-ons to Ikea. We had 17 items in total to return. I was expecting it to be a nightmare, but surprisingly it wasn't. We were in and out of the exchange counter in under 15 minutes. I think it's a new record for us.

We then took our $550 store credit back into the store and bought a nice BIG desk for hubby to sprawl out on. I was a bit upset when I discovered I was about to lose all my STORAGE space to a desk, but we then went to the kitchen section and decided to install built-ins around the desk. We will have a tall cabinet at one end of the 8-foot wall, then beside it will be the desk with 2 wall-cabinets above. Fingers crossed it all fits.

Hubby has had a few difficulties with the placement of the power outlets in the room. As it turns out, they are right where we DON'T want them. So yesterday hubby went fishing around with the wires inside the wall and bashed a few more holes out. We are now going to conceal all of our power cables etc. inside one of the lower cabinets. Fingers crossed it also fits.

I was also watching Home to Keep tonight where they install an awesome home office in the kitchen for Kendall. I am loving how they use the space for both a home office AND a kitchen nook with a bench that has FILING CABINETS underneath. It gave me great inspiration for our spare room. Perhaps I don't have to completely sacrifice the idea of a dining space after all?

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