Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tiny Laundry Solutions

I've heard that you should not air your dirty laundry in public. But I beg to differ because I LOVE my laundry and clothes drying system and I need to show it to you.

This time last year, we were hauling laundry down 3 flights of stairs, using coin operated machines that sometimes held your laundry hostage, then (because I am an avid line-dryer advocate) I was hauling heavy, WET laundry back up the stairs so I could hang it on lines that took up SO much floor space and would collapse if you walked past them. I cried several times over laundry woes. But not anymore...

So here's our hallway laundry. It was a prerequisite when house-hunting. Don't see it? Let me show you.

At the end of the hall, on the left, there is a folding door. Ta-da! I realize it's a cupboard, but I am in love with it anyway.

Here's my little DIY soap dish (Styrofoam try with mod podge) for stain-removing soap and my handmade peg bag.

 And here is my clothes line!!! Still don't see it? Let me show you (I love this game!).

Pull back the curtain (which is on a bent curtain rod so the curtain sits flush with the wall when closed)...

Ta-da! The Antonius Clothes Line system from IKEA. Would you believe I was prepared to spend up to $100 for a 'hide-away' clothes line? This system cost me about $30 all up.

The top rack folds up and the bottom one folds down and we're ready to go!

So for people who say they don't have enough space to air dry their clothing; here is your solution. Stop wasting electricity and let mother nature dry your clothes for you. I'll let Project Laundry List give you more reasons to air dry...


  1. Such a fantastic solution! Thank you so much for sharing, I will add the idea to my list! <3


  2. Those woman who are suffering from laundry problem for them your described path to manage it truly impressive and effective.