Sunday, February 12, 2012

Multipurpose Room

I recently posted about my craft desk and organizing the spare room closet, but I realized I haven't posted about the spare room in quite a while. So here are some recent photos.

This is hubby's office and he works from home. We knew he'd be working from home before we set up this space, so we had to make sure it would function smoothly for his business AND could also be a guest room if need be.

*Despite where we live, guests are few and far between so they get an inflatable mattress on the floor. I'd love a Murphy Bed to flop out of the wall, but alas; we have higher priorities.

The tall cabinet on the left and the two mounted to the wall are IKEA kitchen cabinets. The one on the far left stores all of our Costco bulk purchases (toilet paper etc.) The desk is an IKEA desk.

Previously, the ceiling light was a horrible flushmount thing that just created a yellow glare around the room. We replaced it with this wonderful ceiling fan thing.

Instead of a guest book at our wedding, we had everyone write a message on a picture mat, which now frames a wedding photo taken on Whitehaven Beach. It's the picture hanging above Hubby's computer. Not sure if he likes staring at wedding wishes all day, but he hasn't complained yet! :D

We don't have a television, but we use the iMac to watch movies and stream TV shows.

Oh and there's my craft desk, of course. I like that Hubby gets his masculine work area and I get my uber-feminine craft desk but they still complement each other.

The other end of the room has the chair that we reupholstered (before Molly claimed it), an antique school desk that I LOVE and glass shelves. It's also where our big junk closet is.

We used to have everything here stored on a bookcase. When we got puppy, we decided to put everything up higher... especially plants. These shelves are a discontinued item from IKEA.

They hold all of our books (we are largely a paper-free house) with our re-purposed license plate book end, a silver box we received as a wedding gift (originally a recipe box, but redundant now that we use the Recipe Box app on the iPad), my paper mache E, and a few pictures and knick knacks.

So there you have it; Our spare room/ office/ craft room/ floor-space-for-guests.

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