Monday, December 12, 2011

Bokeh Attempts

After stumbling across the curious concept of Bokeh, and discovering a few "fool proof" tutorials. I decided to give it a whirl with hubby's D-SLR. He has a Sony Alpha 100-A and I am sure it is capable of magical things, but I am photography-illiterate so I was just going to keep spinning lenses and pressing buttons until something cool happened.

I tried to scout Molly as my model, but I am not sure if she was a) tired b) reluctant to pose or c) trying to master the famous model 'pout' that we commonly see strutting the cat walk. Not quite suitable for the cute-puppy-with-christmas-lights shoot I was after.

Luckily for me, the cute little gingerbread man that came with our 'Real Christmas Tree' was eager to play the part. Notice the blurry lights in the background? That's what I am going for...

So now I get to make the cute little cap for the camera, as shown here and now I make the lights change shape!

The only problem is that the shape is a bit wonky. It's supposed to be a star. Perhaps it does that because I couldn't open up the aperture enough (it only goes as low as f3.6???) or perhaps it's because the star wasn't perfectly centered over the lens? Not sure.

Gingey was getting bored, so switched it up for our little mantle...

And then I tried the tree shape. They all went skewed as I changed the focus.

And then hubby finally took over (after watching me struggle for a while) and got some great shots :)

Sooo... not quite the success that I was after and not quite worth displaying, but it was a learning curve. Perhaps next year I will figure it out :)

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