Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ottoman Slip Covers

We recently bought an awesome white faux-leather storage ottoman with two smaller ottomans inside. The only problem is that the smaller ottomans were stained by the under side of the big ottoman's lid (big black trays that flip over).

Our $20 additional insurance that was SUPPOSED to take care of it, however because it was a store fault, our only option was to haul it all back to Calgary. I despise Calgary, with a passion. So instead of wasting another very valuable Saturday, I simply sewed these ottoman covers (half an hour each) to cover them up. They're easy to remove (and wash!) and a great alternative to arguing with more useless store reps.

The blue piece of fabric is a large octagon (hemmed around the base) and the white sash is just a loop that slips over the blue cover to keep it in place. Easy peasy.

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