Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hinged Jewellery Hanger

I have been wanting to make these for AGES and began stocking up supplies before we even moved into our place. The best part about these is that they are drilled into the wall (a homeowners luxury) in order for the hinges to work.

I found some matching frames at the thrift store ($1 for both of them) and removed the glass and backs of them. Hubby spray painted them for me (I am terrible at spray painting) and then I glued in some of the lace from my 'First Attempt Wedding Dress'. I shoved some cardboard strips in on top of the hot glue to keep the lace from flopping out of the frame. We then attached some tiny hinges to some old paint stirrers, screwed it all to the wall, added some hooks to the front and viola! Jewellery hangers!

Here you can see the dodgy paint job, the strips of cardboard to hold the lace firmly in place, the hinges and the old paint stirrers (it was the only old, thin piece of wood I could find).
I had to tie a piece of ribbon between the hooks on the left-side one, to hang my hoop earrings.
 And they open for easy access to get the butterfly clips off the studs :)


  1. Whatt a neat idea. Very creative!

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