Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bathroom Storage Solution

Our bathroom is a little on the titchy side. We installed an IKEA kitchen cabinet to deal with all our 'stuff' but it seems it wasn't enough (Why do towels take up so much room?!?).

Anyway, a shelf for above the door was one of the first things we bought when Canadian Tire finally opened in Canmore (hooray!) but we only recently got around to installing it.

Tips for storage in small bathrooms:
  • Hooks are your best friend. They don't take up much room and they keep clothing and towels off the ground. They are also a great alternative to a towel rack when guests visit.
  • Think up. You don't need to have high ceilings to install a shelf over the door and pretty baskets can conceal items you don't regularly access.
  • Think outside the box - our cabinet is actually a kitchen cabinet from IKEA. In a small bathroom, floor space is valuable, so any storage device that can be mounted to the call is a bonus.

As a side note, would you believe that this bathroom has been through 4 makeovers in it's lifetime? We pulled out the medicine cabinet when we were painting and discovered several layers of cheap-skate painting jobs. It was first a darker shade of it's current colour (courtesy of the developers and designed to complement the dusty pink tiles). Then it was fluorescent green. Then it was sky blue. And now we've restored some order to the bathroom colour palet, using the tiles as a guide, but we'd would love to do a complete overhaul and make it all white/slate.

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