Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crackers Box = Stationery Organizer

I was finishing off a box of rice crackers today, whilst browsing through my Pinterest boards. How often do I ever REVISIT things that I have pinned to boards? Hardly ever... but I rediscovered some awesome projects, such as this one. I saw the picture and then Pinterest shut down for at least 15 minutes, so I decided to create my own instructions for it. It now appears that I did EXACTLY what the other blogger did, including making an unnecessary cut in the cardboard.

So here's my version of the project, on a slightly smaller scale and with a different flower (I have included the free printable template for the flower too).

First, eat something out of a box. Eat all of it. This is the easy part :)

Second, grab a ruler then measure and mark a line halfway down one side of the box.
Note: this is the ONLY measurement you need. Every line after this can be zig-zag, wavy or a hack job, but THIS line must be straight and exactly halfway down the box. It is also the only line you do not need to cut (but I accidentally did anyway).

Next, draw a diagonal line on the narrow edge of the box. The angle of the line does not matter in the slightest, it just has to match up to the line you drew previously.

Seeing as I am aiming for something prim and proper (it's going in my Craft Desk, I am going for straight-edges the whole way.

Next, draw a line on the other side of the box (lets call this the English side). Again, it doesn't have to be straight, it just has to match up to the diagonal line you just drew.

Note: Here is where I should have made the mental note to only cut the English side of the box, not the French side.

This should leave you with one remaining unmarked side (hopefully a narrow side) that should be easy to draw, because you just need to match up the lines drawn on the adjacent sides
Then you need to cut the lines on the two narrow sides and the "English" side of the box. It should then swing open to create two pockets. Tape the heck out of it so it sits nice and flat and looks solid.

I then painted it and put white duck tape along the edges to try to hide the raw cardboard edges.

Now for the flower!!!

Here is a free template, which I am super proud of because I used photoshop for the FIRST TIME without hubby's help.

Print and cut out the flowers, then bend the petals in half. I bent the turquoise petals inwards and the grey-ish ones outwards, then stacked them according to size, with the largest one on the bottom. I then grabbed a pin, which happened to have a black felt flower on the end already (I think it was from a Remembrance Day Poppy that broke?) and shoved it through all the flowers and the box.
I then pushed the pin flat onto the wall of the box and taped it down.

And here's my finished product!

I could have made more of an attempt to cover up the cardboard on the inside, but I am sure it will soon be so filled with junk that it will conceal it for me.

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  1. I'm a new follower! I love the box and the flower is beautiful! You did a great job on the template too!