Sunday, January 15, 2012

Colour Match for kiddies

My three year olds are pretty clever. They can do all the colour naming/matching/sorting activities we do in class, so I have decided to take it to the next level.
From Pinterest inspiration (not sure where, but I am sure I did not come up with this idea on my own) I bring you my colour match activity.

First, I graciously swiped several colour swatches from our newly opened Canadian Tire. Actually, I took two of each colour, in case I messed up, but I managed to create it all with only one of each sample.

Then I cut a strip of each colour and glued it onto a peg. A long strip from the centre of the swatch (without the words on it), was then glued to the edge of a Styrofoam platter. Then I went nutso with my new glitter glue (Christmas pressie from my Mum-in-law) ... And, presto! All done!

Once the children get past arguing over who gets the pink pegs (I have a LOT of children who favour pink over all other colours), the idea is that 4 children will each have a colour to find, then attach to the side. Oh and seeing as many things seem to disappear from my classroom, I put my name on it. Tacky, I know, but necessary if I plan to get use out of it.

 All done! Actually, I had a moment where I messed up with the blue pegs so I hope it's not too challenging for my kids. Even if they can't match the shades correctly, they will at least benefit from finding their chosen colours among the others, and developing their fine motor skills with the pegs.

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