Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dry Rice Saves a Soggy Flash Drive

The flash drive I use to store and transfer all my work documents is super clean now, after it went for a ride in the washing machine in one of my pockets.



I had once heard that if your Blackberry goes for a swim, you should pull it apart and submerge all the pieces in dry rice for a day or two, to fully dry it out. Then it should be good to go again.

We figured it was worth a shot with my flash drive...

So, here's a tiny bowl with a little bit of rice.

Then I completely covered it up and left it for 48 hours. Not sure if it needed that long, but I didn't want to risk shoving something soggy into my USB port.

And I am pleased to say it worked! Hooray! All my files are exactly where I left them and are now backed up.

I realize that a flash drive is not a superbly complex machine so I wonder if this method could actually save a Blackberry... but it's worth a shot.

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  1. This worked for my iPod after it went through a whole wash cycle. I was just going to toss it but my roommate decided to cover it in rice.. good as new.