Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photos Featuring an Accent Colour Grouped Together

I thought I'd share a bit of artwork on display in our place. It's nothing fancy and I find myself looking at it so often that I take it for granted, but I remember being so proud of it when we first put it up.

We found the frames at a garage sale for $1 (can I get a woot!?) then spray painted them white.

We then printed a whole bunch of our favourite photos that feature our favourite colour; turquoise. Some are portraits and some are scenic.

They all have that greenish-blue colour somewhere in them, to tie the artwork into the accent colour in the living room.This is the opposite wall...

I'm still super proud of it but seeing as I can stare right through it, I can now understand why people have their artwork on rotation throughout the year. Perhaps something to consider...

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