Monday, February 6, 2012

Old Sweater = Sewing Machine Cover

I recently told you how I chopped up an old sweater to decorate a glass jar, but I only used a tiny portion of one sleeve to do so.

So what to do with the rest of the sweater?

Well, I have been meaning to make a sewing machine cover for a long time, to hide it's ugliness (they are such ugly machines, don't you think?) whenever I open my secretary desk.


Not pretty. Ever wonder why I didn't post photos of the inside of my desk yet? The sewing machine is the reason why.

Anyway, I chopped off the bottom half of my sweater. Then, by sewing only three seams, I whipped up this beauty in less than 5 minutes:

Ta-da! Problem solved :)

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  1. Hi Clair :) Thanks for visiting my blog! I took a peek around yours, you make beautiful things!! I love the colours and decor you chose in your condo, adorable! I am in Canada as well, where you live is beautiful!!