Sunday, February 12, 2012

Displaying Art that doesn't Match

I love pictures that match. I love the look of three pictures, all relating to one theme, hanging vertically on a wall, all in matching frames.

But I don't love it when we have only one wall and the 'picture sets' don't match.

Here's what I was up against:

I have two 'groups of people' photos in nice matching wooden frames:

I have three very different scenic paintings of different orientations in matching grey frames (dollar store), but not matching mats:

And I have three scenic paintings of Australian bushland in matching black RIBBA frames from IKEA:

How the heck do I hang them all one wall?

Well, it took a lot of creativity, then some hopeless despair, then a flip through the IKEA catalog to come up with this genius idea:

We just placed the pictures haphazard all over the place then called it 'organized chaos'. The picture rails are the only thing attached, so it's a lot less damage to the walls and as we get bored with certain pictures, we can easily switch them out for other works of art.

Problem solved.

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