Monday, February 6, 2012

Craft Desk Tour

Since my first post about my craft desk, you can tell that I am smitten with it. I don't need to mention again how much I love it... but I will.

This time, though, I am sharing the INSIDE photos with you. Hooray!

So, here it is from the outside. LOVE.

And here it is open...

(When I flicked back and forwards between the two photos on my camera, it looked like my desk was barfing it's guts out... tee-hee...)

The shelves above hold a lot of my smaller supplies - sewing supplies, paints, brushes, markers, ribbons, fimo etc. And seeing as they are glass, they have to be tidy and look decent. We love turquoise/ tiffany blue and it's featured quite prominently in our apartment, so I have continued the theme into my craft desk.

The surfaces inside were painted with high gloss Feather Gray from Benjamin Moore. Anything I spill on it (a regular occurrence), wipes off easily.


The box with a bow around it was featured here, the stationery holder with the paper flower was featured here and the sewing machine cover was feature here. Oh and lets not forget about the recently added thread spool/bobbin storage, on the doors.

The drawers below are not as organized and they house a lot of stuff that hubby has tried to throw away (who would throw out old shorts with an awesome print?) but it's the first place I look when I have a crazy idea that needs an oddly shaped piece or a certain type of ribbon etc.

Happy crafting!

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