Sunday, February 5, 2012

Repurposed Sweater & Glass Jar

I love jars. I cannot remember the last time we threw one out, because I love decorating and reusing them. We recently finished a jar of Costco olives, which yielded me a HUGE jar to play with. Hooray!

I have also been looking for a use for this old sweater. Perfect opportunity to up-cycle both items!

I shoved the jar into the sleeve with the jar opening at the cuff end of the sleeve.

I then tied off the sleeve with a piece of string.

Next, I chopped off just beyond the string.

I then sewed around the bottom of the jar.

Next I chopped off the string, leaving a gathered circle underneath the jar. Then I Mod Podgedthe raw edges to stop them from fraying.

Then I slapped on an circular scrap of fabric to cover up the ugliness.

If I had more patience, I would have liked to sew something on the front. Instead, I finished by wrapping the jar opening with some rope and finishing it with a pretty bow in the middle. So for now, I am rocking the nautical look but it can easily be changed :)

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